Casio ToneBank CT-670 (MB3589) Check Availability

  • Super spec 61-key suited for the intermediate player, as its easy and intuitive to control, but equally suited to the more advanced and those who are using as part of a home studio for backing perhaps (has all the usual connections on rear, headphone jack, audio jacks, midi in,out,thru and so on)
  • 220 rich preset sounds, they can be further refined and edited by the tone editor feature (Detune, delay, attack/decay, release)
  • Dozens of very useable, nicely put together, accompaniment styles, fill ins, breaks, starts and endings (These can be easily triggered as you play to make for more dynamic structures to your compositions)
  • Accompanying sustain pedal
  • A fun interplay section of auto-harmonise and echo line make for creative tools to enhance your melodies and compositions